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01-08-2009 - 15:00

How to deal with William Hill Casino welcome bonus


William Hill casino is offering a 150% bonus for new players. Here you will find a guide how to get value for your money and.



William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino review

William Hill Casino is owned by one of the largest bookmaker companies in England. WH is among the first handfull of online casinos. Back in 1998 the first online players started gambling at the Cryptologic Casino. Today WH is also offering a great gambling experience with Playtech software.As a new player at WH you will get a 150% bonus up to $300. It is a sticky bonus (the bonus is not withdrawable) only the deposit and winnings is withdrawable. This bonus type is used to gain more winnings. The bonus is also accesable in Euro and Pounds but we recommend US-dollars since the wagering requirements are lower. With US-dollars the wagering requirement is 12 time deposit and bonus, (12*($200+$300))=$6,000.

Course of action
To get the most out this type of bonus we recommend one the following procedures.

  1. (Fast)
    Play with big bets from the start. Make 2-3 bets with $50 bets. If you win you can switch to smaller bet size ($3-$7) until the wagering requirements is fullfilled.

  2. (Slow)
    Play with small bet sizes until the wagering requirements has been met. Then switch to big bet size and pray that you win so you can build your bankroll before you withdraw.

To get it straight: Using these procedures there is no guarantee that you don't end up loosing your money. Everytime you enter a casino the chance of loosing money is present, just like you could win money.

Casino Hold'em rules

To optimize your chances of winnings you need to choose a game with a low house egde as possible. At the same time the game has to be on the list of games that counts towards wagering requirements in the particulary bonus offer. Casino Hold'em is a good choice and it is also a game that is easy to learn.

Casino Hold'em is a kind of poker, it is about going for the best poker hand. You play against the dealer, just like in Blackjack.

The game starts and you pay the ante. (if you wish, later on in the game to do a raise,please be aware of that raise will cost minimum 2 times the amount of the ante, so you don't wan't to pay more ante than 1/3 of your bankroll)When the ante has been paid, you and the dealer will get 2 hole cards each and 3 community cards. On this basis you have to decide whether or not you can get the best pokerhand. If yes, you should choose to raise, and the round wil continue. If no, you should fold you cards, and the ante is lost, and the round stops.
If you choose yes the round will continue and the dealer will provide you with 2 more community cards. Now you have 2 hole cards and 5 community cards. And there is 4 possible scenarioes:

  1. The dealer does not qualify. You will get the ante and winnings (Please look at the figures mentioned below to see how much the ante returns) Raise is paid back 1:1.
  2. Player wins: You will get the ante and winnings (Please look at the figures mentioned below to see how much the ante returns) Raise is paid back 1:1.
  3. Player and dealer draws a push. All bets is returned 1:1
  4. Dealer wins. You will loose the ante and raise.

Here you can see the poker ranking and a poker dictionary

Casino Hold'em Strategy

This is pretty easy.

Rule 1)

Never play side bets.
Forget all about side bets.

Rule 2)

Allways raise following hands:

  • Pair or better (using at least one of your hole cards)
  • If you have 4 cards to be used in a flush
  • If you have 4 cards to a outside straight (ex. 4567)
  • One of the following combinations: A/4 to A/A
  • One of the following combinations: K/7 to K/K

Rule 3)

Fold theese hands:

  • One of the following combinations: 2/3 to 2/7 (unless you have a chance for a straight)
  • One of the following combinations: 3/4-3/7 (unless you have a chance for a straight)

Rule 4)

Combinations that is not mentioned here, you need to use the calculator at